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Portland iPhone, iPod and iPad Repairs and Customization

iDope Portland iphone, ipad, ipod customization and repair
The people of Portland pride themselves in being "weird" or "different".​
​-iDope offers them the option to express their individuality by transforming their iPhone, iPad or iPod into a completely personalized device.



Get your fix at iDope Portland.

Have you always wanted a one-of-a-kind iPhone? Better yet, maybe you just want your iPhone to work? No worries, iDope Portland has got you covered. iDope Portland can help you create the completely unique iPhone, iPod or iPad you've always wanted or repair your iProduct to out-of-the-box quality. Even better, need to repair your cracked screen? Replace it with one of our custom color screens.  Either way, get your fix at iDope Portland.
Portland Repairs.
Cracked or shattered iPhone screen? iPhone Battery not charging? No Worries! At iDope Portland, one of our qualified technicians can get your iPhone, iPod or iPad repaired and looking like new the same day!


We have cool color replacements to replace your broken iphone screen.


         Get a quick and hassel ONE hour screen repair.
iDope Portland Repair Services


iDope Portland strives to provide residents with the least expensive and quickest repair services for all iDevices and any issues that develop with those iProducts. We also hope to increase the sense of individuality of the residents of Portland via our customizable iDevice options. What separates us from our competitors is the lower price of our repair services, the timely fashion with which we complete these repairs and the fact that we are the only business in town offering custom iDevice options.

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