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iDope is a full-service repair center and upscale boutique for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. We specialize in cracked screen repairs, battery replacements, water damage restoration, and phone accessories. 

iDope Customs was originally founded in Tallahassee, Florida with the intention of being the one stop place for all of your iDevice needs. We're an innovative and energetic company and we strive to provide excellent customer service and to create long lasting relationships with all of our clients.

At iDope Customs, one of our qualified technicians can get your iPhone, MacBoo, or iPad repaired and looking like new the same day! We can fix Water Damaged Phones, Cracked Screens, Replace batteries, Sticky or broken buttons.

"Tally Award for best computer repair."

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We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our social media channels if you have questions about specific repairs and/or devices.

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iDope Customs

Tallahassee / Poulsbo

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