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"Get your fix" at iDope Ballard
Repairs in under an hour

Cracked or shattered iPhone screen? iPhone Battery not charging? No Worries! At iDope Ballard, one of our qualified technicians can get your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook computer repaired and looking like new the same day!


Common Repairs:

  • iPhone Repairs

    • Cracked iPhone Screens​​

    • Damaged LCDs

    • Battery Issues

    • Charging Port

    • Water Damage

    • Faulty buttons 

  • iPad Repairs

    • Cracked Digitizers​

    • Damaged LCDs

    • Headphone jack replacement

    • Charging port damage

    • Water Damage

  • MacBook Repairs

    • Broken Screens​

    • Boot issues - Computer not starting, restarting, heat issues, & more!

    • Keyboard issues

    • Trackpad issues

    • Poor battery life

    • System issues, back ups, restorations

    • "Dead" devices

    • Water Damage

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