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At iDope we concentrate and specialize in iPad repairs, giving you the security of supreme knowledge. This is our life and without great clients like you we wouldn't exist. Therefore, we give and owe you the best work that we can do. We fix cracked iPad screens and much more!
Here is a little of what we can do for you. 
Front Screen Repair

​Cracked or shattered screen? Drop on by our shop for a quick screen replacement. Choose a standard screen or one of our many custom screens to replace your cracked iPad screen.

Water Damage

Whether it was the ocean, a street puddle, or some coffee, liquid can do a lot of damage to an iPad. iDope's technicians are trained in the art of saving iPads from water damage. Lets us get your "lost cause" iPad up and working.

Loud Speaker Repair

Having trouble hearing sounds or music? Is your speaker muffled or otherwise not working? No problem, our technicians at iDope can fix that in no time all.

Camera Repair

Can't take pictures any more? Bring you iPad in and we will fix your camera so you can get back to taking photos. Both the back and the front camera can be repaired on the iPad.

Battery Replacement

Nothing is more inconvenient than your battery losing power when you need it most. We can swap out a bad battery for a new one so that you don't get stuck with a dead iPhone again.

Charging Port Repair

An iPad that won't charge or connect to a computer can be a major inconvenience. Let one of our technicians fix or replace your iPad charging port so you can get back to your routine in no time.

Button Repair

If any of the buttons on your iPad are sticking or otherwise just not working at all, it might be time to get that fixed. Come visit one of our skilled technicians at iDope for the fix.

Back & Body 

Dropped your iPad and damaged the housing? We can fix bends and even get dents out at the corners. Bring it in for an inspection and quote!

Something Else...

If you need help with something else or just have a question, head over to our locations page and see what your local iDope can do for you. We can fix almost anything, just let us know what the issue is!

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