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Get the Most Out Of Your Machine


What We Do


iMac and PC Desktop 


We specialize in the repair of iMacs and PC's. We can upgrade your hard drive and RAM not to mention replacing broken displays or even power supplies.

Macbook and Laptop


From MacBook Air to MacBook Pros we can fix any problem you are having. Operating system issues, battery replacements, broken displays and much more.

iPad and Tablet Repair

iPad Pro, iPad minis and your classic iPad Air; we can handle any issue that arises. Batteries and digitizer replacements are our most popular repair.

iPhone and Mobile Phone Repair

We work on all iPhone models! iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 all of the iPhone Max series not to mention most Android devices like Samsung or even the Google Pixels are our top priorities. Most of our repairs are finished under an hour.

Game Console 


Nintendo Switch Consoles, Joy-Cons and even Playstation are something we can quickly repair and get back to you.  Xbox and most virtual reality head sets can be repaired by iDope.

Battery Replacement

From MacBooks, Dells, Lenovo, the iPhone, Samsung and even drone batteries can be replaced at iDope.

Screen and Display Replacement

Cracked or damaged displays can hinder your good time. MacBooks, iMacs, gaming consoles, iPhones, iPads and Samsung devices are just some varieties of displays we master.

Virus Removal

Viruses and malware can really slow down your roll. When it comes to your computer we have a fast paced virus and malware removal service guaranteed to speed up your processing and secure your machine.

Data Migration

If you purchased a new phone or computer and dont really want to lose all your data like contacts and emails, let us handle your migration.

Buy & Sell 

iDope sells a wide variety of new, refurbished and used computers.  We mainly concentrate on Apple devices but are known to have a variety of computers for sale at times.


No appointment necessary to drop off your old electronics.  We recycle them properly and remove any data associated the machine.  Your privacy and information will be wiped prior to us getting rid of it the right way.$30!

Camera Removal

We can remove the camera on your iPad or iPhone. Work at the shipyard or in a military setting and still want to bring your phone to work. We are your people.

Hello, We're iDope!

iDope repairs pretty much all electronics!

iDope repairs the iPhone, MacBooks, iMacs, PC's and basically all computers not to mention gaming consoles and more!


We understand how vital computers are to your everyday life. That's why we apply our expertise to help make your computer repair as stress and worry free as possible. Whether your screen is damaged, you need a new battery, or your system is just acting up, we are here to help. We can also upgrade old hardware like RAM or Hard Drive space. Call for a quote, send an email or just come on in.  No appointment is needed, ever.

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What People Are Saying

I accidentally closed the screen of my MacBook on the charger which caused two cracks. I called on Thursday and they said to bring it down for an estimate. They gave me the estimated cost, ordered the new screen with overnight shipping, and called me Friday when it arrived. I brought it in and within two hours they were already finished replacing it. As a college student, it was especially nice to have such quick service. I would 100% recommend iDope, they have great service, great products, and great customer service. It’s an asset to Poulsbo’s Apple users.

Alex M. - Google

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Send your device in.

Too far from one of our stores? Just send it in.  Send your device to us using the shipping provider of your choice.  Just shoot us an email and we'll tell you how.

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