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iDope Customs

iDope is a full-service repair center and upscale boutique for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. We specialize in cracked screen repairs, battery replacements, water damage restoration, and sell popular phone, tablet and electronic accessories. Although we specialize in Apple devices we repair most electronic devices, even drones.  We also solder and micro-solder, fixing board level problems.

iDope Customs was originally founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 2011 with the intention of being the one stop place for all of your iDevice needs. We're an innovative and energetic company and we strive to provide excellent customer service and to create long lasting relationships with all of our clients.

At iDope Customs, one of our qualified technicians can get your iPhone, MacBook, iPad or computer repaired and looking like new the same day! We can fix water damaged phones, cracked screens, replace batteries, and repair sticky or broken buttons.

Sending your device in

We keep it really simple. If you are too far from one of our locations or just too busy simply put your machine in the mail and ship it to our Poulsbo location.  

iDope Poulsbo

18961 Front St. NE #103 

Poulsbo WA 98370

Choose the courier of your choice like USPS, UPS or Fedex and we'll pay to ship it back. It's highly important to package your machine properly as to avoid any damage that could occur in shipping. We suggest paying for insurance.

No appointment needed

We pride ourselves on our fast repair times. Although we are quick we are very



Its important we don't rush a job but we also realize your device is extremely important to you.  We'll do everything we can to expedite your repair. If its an Apple device we are repairing we most likely already have the parts in stock!

Information we'll need

We'll likely need some information when you drop off your device for repair.  This is completely normal and we consider the protection of your privacy one of our highest priorities.  

We'll most likely just ask for your admin log in information if its a computer we're repairing or your phone passcode.  It is possible that we'll need email address's and password as well as your Apple ID and password.  This all depends on what type of repair we are doing for you.

Parts we use

We pride ourselves in the quality of parts we use.  We vow to never use low quality parts during our repairs.  As provided by the manufacturer our parts are warrantied for 60 days.  It's not common to experience any issues with parts beyond that time period but if for some reason you are, just bring it in and we'll happily diagnose the issue.

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